Mom Crush

Admit it now, there’s someone out there that you’ve seen, perhaps from afar, but you’ve noticed another mom.  More than likely, unless you’re so incredibly self-secure and confident in your parenting, or have thrown in the towel,  you have a mom crush. Sure, she’ll look different for you moms, but she’s there possibly encouraging you by her zen state or plaguing you because of it depending on your mood at the moment of contact.

My mom crush comes in many forms; I actually think her spirit moves from mom to mom following me around (no, I don’t really believe that, but I DO see it all around me). She’s always put together even if it’s a “bad hair day” she looks amazing. If she hadn’t have slept all night because her children had been sick all thought the night and are now squabbling with each other, she’s calm, poised (like a Vogue cover girl), has patience to spare and speaks so calmly and gently to her children who immediately do as directed by their tender mommy. It’s no wonder my crush looks like this to me as daily I’ve got a minimum of one bodily fluid on my being from someone or something and if I managed to put some form of makeup on, you can be certain that I COMPLETELY forgot about my hair…don’t forget to check my feet, because I probably forgot in the name of getting out the door so we can arrive on time to change from my comfortable slippers to my “real” shoes.

Mom crushes: They’re there, like superheros for the other moms to aspire to. For us mortal mommies to learn more, to find another way to train and engage our precious gifts. Next time you see your mom crush, don’t shirk in defeat, they’re not your kryptonite, their your inspiration.


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